Amled Scope of Services

Amsolar Sdn Bhd has a humble beginning as an EPC subcontractor for a Korean EPC and module manufacturer. Our latest victory in the LSS phase 1, for a 29 MWac quota from Suruhanjaya Tenaga further strengthen our standing as a formidable local solar PV player.
Our professional team consists of passionate engineering professionals as well as experience financial experts. Our LSS program has exposed us to various commercial, legal and tax related issues. We are very much more than an engineering and construction company, with sophisticated financial modeling skills. Talk to US.
Experienced in many different applications of solar renewable energy, Amsolar Sdn Bhd will be your partner from inception, energy monitoring, financial modeling, project costing, engineering design, plant layout, up to full plant construction and commissioning. We source the best, the most cost effective components, while still maintaining high quality standards, bringing you reliable and durable products at the best prices.

Power Monitoring & Analysis PV System Design & Implementation Financial Service Consultancy
Electricity Usage Monitoring System and Engineering Design Financial Modeling, Payback and IRR
Analytics on Power Consumption EPC, including procurement and construction Submission to Authorities; SEDA, MIDA, Energy Commission
Optimizing PV system size for self-consumption Test & Commissioning and connection to Grid Project Funding and GTFS

Key Capabilities
  • Expertise in power monitoring and analysis.
  • Expertise in PV systems design and implementation (ISPQ* certified engineer).
  • Expertise in maximizing investment returns for self-consumption.
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